Open Case File: Dean Cyrus O'Dell

You’ve been asking for it, so here it is. This is the breakdown of possible suspects in the Dean O’Dell murder mystery. As more clues pop up, we will update the list of suspects, as well as the clues leading to the suspicion. Enjoy!!!

The Backstory
Dean Cyrus O’Dell first appears on Veronica Mars in the opening episode of the third season. Later in the season, Dean O’Dell is found dead in his office with a bullet hole in his head. Weevil is the first to find the Dean’s body at 7am the morning after Cyrus discovers his wife, Mindy O’Dell, is having an affair with Professor Landry. Weevil finds the Dean with his head lying on the desk, a bullet hole in his head, and a message on his computer stating “goodbye cruel world zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.” Prior to his death, Cyrus witnesses eggs being thrown at his office window and receives a late night visitor to whom he says, “what are YOU doing here?” Although the police have ruled the Dean’s death a suicide, Mindy O’Dell asks Keith Mars to investigate the death. Mindy believes Cyrus’ death to be a murder and is desperate for the insurance money to raise her two children, which is not paid in the case of a suicide. Keith Mars agrees to take the case because the Dean did not open a 40 year old bottle of scotch, which he planned to drink on a special occasion before his death. Further suspicions are raised when the Dean’s fake suicide death begins to resemble Veronica’s “Perfect Murder” paper.

Professor Landry
- He teaches criminology
- He yearly receives a classroom full of papers on how to plan the perfect murder
- He emphasizes that anyone to receive an A on the perfect murder paper could get away with murder (episode 3.9)
- He is sleeping with Mindy O’Dell, the Dean’s wife (episode 3.6)
- He is presumably one of the last two people to see Cyrus alive, as Cyrus barges into his hotel room to find him with Mindy (episode 3.9)
- Had access to Veronica’s “Perfect Murder” paper, since he assigned the paper to Veronica (episode 3.10)
- He refuses to answer any of Keith’s questions when covertly confronted at a local bar (episode 3.10)

Mindy O’Dell
- She is considered a young trophy wife by many people in Neptune (episode 3.5)
- She is having an affair with Professor Landry (episode 3.6)
- Her previous husband is a scheming low life, who may have taught her some of his ways (episode 3.5)
- She is presumably one of the last two people to see Cyrus alive, as Cyrus barges into Landry’s hotel room to find her in the throws of her affair (episode 3.9)
- She has been lying to her husband for a long time about the affair by using mention of Junior League meetings (episode 3.9)
- She tells Keith she was with Hank Landry all night, but fails to mention her husband’s impromptu visit (episode 3.10)

Lilith House Girls
- Angry at the Dean for reinstating the Greek system (episode 3.9)
- Egged his car and attacked his car after learning about the Greek system’s reinstation (episode 3.9)
- Went so far as to fake rapes and shave heads in order to get rid of the Greek system (episode 3.8)
- Angry about the treatment of their friend who is now in a psych ward (episode 3.8)
- Clare was expelled from the school by Dean O’Dell (episode 3.6)
- Nish vowed revenge on the Dean after being removed from her editor-in-chief position at the newspaper (episode 3.6)

Eli “Weevil” Navarro
- He has been spending a lot more time with Cyrus, as they bond over television and boxing (episode 3.9)
- He found Cyrus’ body (episode 3.9)
- He has keys to the Dean’s office, which he sometimes lends to Veronica, and access to the school (episode 3.6)

Timothy Foyle
- He is undeniably creepy and looks a lot like a crazy ex-janitor named Lucky
- He has an unusual relationship to Professor Landry and is extremely angry about Professor Landry’s affair with Mindy O’Dell (episode 3.6)
- Had access to Veronica’s “Perfect Murder” paper, since he Professor Landry’s teaching assistant and he handed the paper back to her (episode 3.9 & 3.10)

Chip Diller
- According to SexQuest rumor, he slept with Mindy O’Dell (episode 2.16, 3.2)
- According to Mercer Hayes, owed a lot of money in gambling debts (episode 3.7)

- She is the Dean’s Executive Assistant and is very protective of the Dean (episode 3.9)
- She has access to the office at all hours, even on the weekends (episode 3.9)

Creepy Unidentified Alumnist
- He’s creepy (episode 3.8)
- He doesn’t take no for an answer (episode 3.8)
- He bribed the Dean into reinstating the Greek system by threatening to stop giving money to the school (episode 3.8)
- He barged into the Dean’s office, refused to give his name, and continued to smoke (episode 3.8)

Steven Batando
- Mindy’s deadbeat dad ex-husband (episode 3.5)
- Forced into giving bone marrow to his son by Cyrus (episode 3.5)
- Bribed into keeping quiet about the kidnapping with a new car by Cyrus (episode 3.5)

Mercer Hayes
- He’s a crazy serial rapist (episode 3.9)
- Dean O’Dell owed him a lot of money in gambling debts (episode 3.7)

“Piz” Piznarski
- Dean O’Dell refused to show up almost every time Piz asked him on his radio show (episode 3.9)
- Actor Chris Lowell pleaded to be the serial rapist, he didn’t succeed, maybe they’ll let him be the killer (Neptunesite Interview with Chris Lowell)

Cindy “Mac” Mackenzie
- Perhaps a secret love affair with Dean Cyrus O’Dell could explain where she’s been all season

Jake Kane
- He has been MIA for years
- He seemed so guilty in Season One

Keith Mars
- Watched as Cyrus drank himself to obliteration (episode 3.9)
- Had knowledge of Cyrus’ depression over his wife’s infidelity (episode 3.9)
- Had access to Veronica’s “Perfect Murder” paper, since he is her father and lives with her (episode 3.10)

Veronica Mars
- Had knowledge of Cyrus’ depression over his wife’s infidelity (episode 3.9)
- Had access to her own “Perfect Murder” paper (episode 3.10)

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